Fastems supplies flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). Available in a wide range of configurations: from a single machine tool FPC (flexible pallet container) to a complex MLS (multi-level system) that includes several machines tools, material handling, and warehouse functionality. This makes it possible to automate production with machine tools enabling unmanned production and increasing the production capacity and utilization rate of the machine tools.

Featured Systems

  • Flexible Pallet Containers
  • FPC | Flexible Pallet Containers

    Fastems' smallest FMS, the Flexible pallet container (FPC), is an alternative to pallet pools and provides machine tool suppliers with a complete FMS installed in a 'container'. Each FPC contains all the equipment required for an automated pallet storage and handling system. Each FPC is designed for a specific type of machine tool.

    Pallet Dimensions
    Pallet: 400 x 400 through 1250 x 1250
    Load X (1): 750mm through 2300mm
    Load Z (1): 750mm through 23000mm
    Load H (2): 900mm through 2000mm
    Load Rotational Diameter: 800mm through 2300mm
    Load Weight (2): 1,653.47lbs through 16,534.67lbs

  • FPM
  • FPM | Flexible Pallet Magazine

    Fastems flexible pallet magazine, FPM, is a configurable flexible manufacturing system that offers you versatility in size, number of machines, and control features. The FPM is ready to enhance your productivity with several key features.

    Pallet Dimensions
    Pallet: 400 x 400mm through 630 x 800mm
    Load Size (X x Z): 660x660mm through 1125x1125mm
    Load Height (2): 1100mm through 1450mm
    Load Rotational Diameter: 750mm through 1250mm
    Load Weight (2): 1,653.47lbs through 16,534.67lbs

  • MLS
  • MLS | Multi-Level System

    The MLS has a large storage capacity and requires minimal floor space, and therefore allows you to increase your productivity and grow your FMS system as high as needed to reach your production goals.

    • Unlimited machine tool integration (any make, any model, any pallet size, any CNC control)
    • Optimal utilization of the available space. Large storage capacity with minimal floor space requirements.
    • Multiple pallet sizes in a single system.
    • Material pallet handling in the same system (EUR pallets or special material pallets/bins).

*All information subject to change depending on machine.