Quantum Machining Centers, Presented by Selway Machine Tool Co.

Featured Series

  • Quantum QV5-3000
  • 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

    Designed for High Rigidity and Speed

    High Accuracy
    The QV5-3000 is a high accuracy 5 Axis vertical machining center with an A/B Rotary System.
    The perfect solution for simultaneous 5 axis machining of components with a range of 1 18.1”x 39.4”.

    A/B Rotary Axis System
    The QV5-3000 iA/B Rotary System was designed and built in Japan for Quantum, by Tsudakoma.
    For over 20 years the A/B rotary unit has been proven, tested, and improved providing the QV5-3000 a design that is compact, lightweight, with a simple construction.
    Using the latest engineering technology the Quantum Rotary System delivers outstanding performance,
    with high rigidity, repeatable accuracy, quality finish, and low maintenance