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  • V.Plus – 550
  • V.Plus – 550 | Vertical Machining Center

    The V.Plus-550 vertical series incorporates all of our hard work, knowledge and experience that has been gained over 30 years of supplying high performance verticals to the worlds leading industries. The series is cost effective, highly reliable, and effective.

    Travel (X,Y,Z) (in): 21.65/16.14/18.11
    Loading Capacity: 880Lb
    Working Surface (in): 33.85 x 15.74
    Spindle Speed: 15,000: BT40
    Rapid Traverse (X,Y,Z) (ipm): 1,417.3/1,417.3/1,181.1
    Number of Tools: 30:BT40

  • V.Plus – 800
  • V.Plus – 800 | Vertical Machining Center

    The V.Plus-800 series bouts a widely spaced rectangular section column on the Z axis are traditionally finished by hand scraping to minimize wear, offer life long accuracy and to accommodate the powerful headstock/spindle assembly. All Matsuura machines are hand built by Matsuura engineers to strict and exacting quality standards.

    Travel (X,Y,Z) (in): 31.49/21.65/19.68
    Loading Capacity: 1,100Lb
    Working Surface (in): 45.27 x 21.65
    Spindle Speed: 12,000: BT40
    Rapid Traverse (X,Y,Z) (ipm): 1,968.5/1,968.5/1,181.1
    Number of Tools: 30:BT40