MAM72 Series | 5-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center

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  • MAM72-35V
  • MAM72-35V | 5-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center

    Building on the proven performance and reputation of its predecessor, The high productivity solution for 5-Axis type components up to Φ350 x H300 mm (Φ13.77 x 11.81 in.).

    B-Axis +65 -125 w/Direct Drive
    C-Axis 360 w/ DD Drive
    Programmable Tail Stock
    Operator Friendly Access
    240,320, 540 Matrix ATC's
    PC2 & PC32 Pallet Systems
    Part Capacity 13.78" Dia x 11.81" High
    15,000 or 20,000
    ROM Big Plus Spindle

  • MAM72-63V
  • MAM72-63V | 5-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center

    The second incarnation of our world beating MAM72-63V 5-Axis multi pallet machine tool. Ideal for the processing of large geometrically complex components and now incorporating our new splash guard design for ultimate reliability in internal swarf management.

    B-Axis Rotation Angle +60~-125 Degree
    C-Axis Rotation Angle 360°
    X/Y/Z Axis Travel (in) 21.65,17.32/22.83
    Working Surface ø5.11
    Loading Capacity 770lbs
    Spindle Speed Range (min-1) 40~12,000 (Grease Lubrication)
    Spindle Motor 30Hp
    ATC Number of Tools 51 (Drum Magazine)

  • MAM72-100H
  • MAM72-100H | 5-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center

    Utilizing FEM Analysis and Matsuura's prestigious engineering experience, the MAM72-100H is a highly rigid and stable machining platform- for any application cutting any material.

    B,A/C Travel: 120~+30/360
    C-Axis Rotation Angle 360°
    X/Y/Z Axis Travel (in) 41.33/36.22/37.79
    Working Surface: 24.80×24.80
    Max Work Size: Φ39.37×H30.31
    Spindle Speed: 12,00: BTH50
    Spindle Motor: 30Hp
    ATC Number of Tools: 60 : BTH50