Rapido Series | Dual Turret

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    • Rapido B436-Y2 | Dual Turret

      36mm bar capacity, two-turrrets, two Y-axes, SuperShift sub-spindle that can super-impose on either upper or lower turret, 8,000rpm main and sub-spindles

      “Triplo” sub spindle and software delivers 3 tools in the cut simultaneously
      Rigid fixed head stock design
      10 axis turn/mill machining center
       (2) 12 Station live Turrets
      1.97” of Y-Axis Stroke
      (2) 7000 rpm C-Axis Spindles
      15 HP on main and sub spindles
      Programmable Super Shift Sub-spindle
      Programmable Parts Catcher
      Parts Conveyor System
      1.5” bar capacity
      Great Ergonomics
      Compact footprint: 149” x 55”

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