C.R. Onsrud

5-Axis Moving Gantry Series

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  • 5 Axis Pro Series
  • 5 Axis Pro Series | 5-Axis Moving Gantry CNC Router

    This high precision machine can handle the largest workpieces, and the heaviest materials and tooling, offering unique automation and material handling options, it provides the best possible cost per table size relationship available.

    Table Size: Starting at 121"x 61" through 480"x 61"
    X-Axis: Starting at 121" through 480"
    Y-Axis: 61
    Z-Axis: 29" or 41"
    X & Y Rapid Traverse: 2800ipm
    Tool Capacity: 12

  • 5 Axis Compact High Rail Series
  • 5 Axis Compact High Rail Series | 5-Axis Moving Gantry CNC Router

    This design also allows for the more efficient and more rapid movements of a substantially larger and heavier bridge, and for the use of a much taller and stiffer z-ram. A taller Z-Axis cutting envelope is made possible, and the machine is able to be more rigid and more accurate at these taller working heights.

    Table Size: Starting at 148"x 84" through 148"x 120"
    X-Axis: Starting at 84" through 120"
    Y-Axis: 148"
    Z-Axis: 53"
    X & Y Rapid Traverse: 2000ipm
    Tool Capacity: 15

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